Cambodian PM warns of floods as water begins to rise
Source: Xinhua
Time: 2012-Aug-9 16:11

PHNOM PENH, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday appealed to residents living along Mekong River to be vigilant over possible floods later this month or next month.


"In the Year of the Dragon, the water has never been small, it is always big. These days, water has begun to rise," he said during the inauguration ceremony of a 128-kilometer China-funded national road No. 62 in Kampong Thom province.


The premier said that he had ordered the suspension to the rehabilitation of roads, bridges and irrigation system at some areas along Mekong River, to be forecast that they will be submerged by flooding this year.


"If we continue constructing those roads and bridges, when the flood comes, those roads and bridges will be destroyed again, so it will be a waste of money," he said, adding that the construction will be resumed after the flooding period.


Meanwhile, he advised authorities and residents along Mekong River to prepare high grounds in case of flooding.


He also appealed to mass media, especially radios and televisions, to broadly report information relevant to weather in order to enable rural people to know about it in advance so that they can prepare for it.


The floods hit Cambodia between August and October last year, killing at least 250 people and affecting other 1.4 million people.

Editor:Xu Rui
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