Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang Visited Shanghai International Studies University

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 16 November 2012, Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang of  ASEAN-China Centre visited Shanghai International Studies University and met with President Cao Mingde. President Cao Mingde expressed gratitude to ACC for offering internships to students from the Class of International Civil Servants of the School of English Language and Literature, hoping to deepen cooperation with ACC on training interdisciplinary talents and increasing exchanges with educational departments and academic institutions of ASEAN countries.

Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang also had an informal discussion with teachers and students from the School of English Language and Literature and the School of Oriental Studies, briefing them about the history and status quo of ASEAN-China relationship and highlighting its significance and prospect. When briefing on what ACC has done since its establishment for the promotion of practical cooperation between China and ASEAN, Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang also encouraged teachers and students from Shanghai International Studies University to pay more attention to and support the development of China-ASEAN relations and take an active part in bilateral exchanges in education and culture.