ASEAN Commercial Counselors Attended Western China Multinational Sourcing Fair

Source:ASEAN-China Centre

The 2nd Western China Multinational Sourcing Fair took place in Xi’an, Shanxi from 16 to 18 September, 2013. The fair covered such sectors as machinery manufacturing, high-tech, agricultural products, consumer goods and textiles. It brought together Fortune 500 companies, Chinese suppliers and international buyers. Commercial counselors from the Indonesian, Cambodian, Lao, Vietnamese, and Thai embassies in China engaged with Chinese and international businessmen at an interaction session in Xi’an arranged by ASEAN-China Centre. 

The fair closed with 83 formal contracts and agreements worth USD1.786 billion. Heavy-duty trucks, high-tech products and fruit products were among the top three categories in terms of transaction, accounting for 63% of the total.