Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association of Thailand Delegation Visited ACC

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 26 November 2013, Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association of Thailand delegation, headed by Dr. Bhokin Bhalakula, President of the Association, paid a visit to ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) and met with ACC Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang.

Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang expressed deep gratitude to Thailand, as the country coordinator for ASEAN-China relations, for its strong support to ACC, including appointing Miss. Lada Phumas as Director of Information and Public Relations Division of ACC. He said that ACC, as a one-stop information and activities center, has made great efforts to enhance ASEAN-China cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, education, culture and tourism. He highlighted a few successful projects implemented by ACC, including the Exhibition of Contemporary Paintings by Renowned Chinese Artists in Bangkok, “Night of Thailand” cultural event, as well as sending CCTV crews to shoot documentaries in Thailand. It is believed that with the support of Governments of ASEAN Member States and China, ACC will make greater contribution to the further development of Thailand-China and ASEAN-China relations.

Dr. Bhokin Bhalakula highly appraised the fruitful achievements ACC has accomplished since its inception 2 years ago. He expressed that Thai-Chinese Culture and Economy Association is dedicated to promoting friendly exchanges and cooperation between Thailand and China. He reaffirmed strong support to ACC and expected to forge a closer partnership with ACC in the future.

Both sides had in-depth exchanges of views on a wide range of issues including facilitating two-way flow of trade and investment, people-to-people exchange, education and cultural cooperation between Thailand and China.