A Delegation of Yangzhou Polytechnic College Visited ASEAN-China Centre

source:ASEAN-China Centre


On 17 February 2017, a delegation led by Mr. Wang Ruping, Vice President of Yangzhou Polytechnic College (YPC), visited ASEAN-China Centre (ACC). Ms. Huang Ying, Director of General Affairs and Coordination Division, and Ms. Kong Roatlomang, Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Division exchanged views with the delegation.


Vice President Wang Ruping made a brief introduction of Yangzhou Polytechnic College. He said that as the largest college for vocational training in Jiangsu Province, YPC actively engages in international cooperation, and maintains cooperation programs with countries including the United States, France, Canada, ROK, etc. In order to participate in the “Belt and Road” Initiative, YPC wishes to expand cooperation with ASEAN countries by enrolling students from ASEAN countries.


Director Huang Ying appreciated the YPC’s commitment to expand cooperation with ASEAN countries. She briefed on the mandate of ACC, and said that as an inter-governmental organization co-founded by China and 10 ASEAN Member States, ACC would continue to fully play its role as an information and activities centre, and made great efforts in promoting people-to-people exchanges between ASEAN and China, especially in education and culture sectors. Director Kong Roatlomang highlighted ACC’s efforts in promoting ASEAN-China educational cooperation and the fruitful outcomes achieved. She said that ACC would like to support YPC to enhance cooperation with ASEAN countries and assist YPC in enrolling students from ASEAN countries.