ACC Secretary-General Visited Hunan First Normal University

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 17 April 2017, ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) Secretary-General H.E. Mme. Yang Xiuping visited Hunan First Normal University and exchanged views on strengthening exchanges and cooperation between universities in Hunan province and ASEAN Member States during the reporting trip themed “China-ASEAN Jointly Building 21st Century Maritime Silk Road”.

Since Hunan First Normal University initiated its modern normal education in 1903, it has formed its distinctive features of Teaching Education, as a result of which, the university has cultivated a great number of professionals for China’s elementary education. At present, the students have enrolled in Teaching Education programmes account for 77.9% of the total, of whom the orientated ones at governmental expenses account for 70.3%. Such statistics make the university rank the largest one in China offering free Teaching Education programmes.

In order to improve the education standard of rural elementary schools, in 2010, Hunan First Normal University took the lead in initiating a six-year oriented teacher cultivation programme at governmental expenses for rural elementary schools targeting at students with middle school diploma. This programme enrolls 1,500 outstanding students with middle school diploma every year and cultivates for rural elementary schools qualified teachers and management. 

In the meeting with the leaders of Hunan First Normal University, Secretary-General Yang outlined the mandate of ACC, especially its work in the field of education. She also opined that ACC would like to serve as a bridge for linking China’s related provinces and cities with ASEAN Member States to promote common development in education.