Chinese Media Delegation Visited Subsidiary of Huawei Group in the Philippines

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 29 June 2017, Chinese Media Delegation participating in the third Chinese Media Reporting Trip to ASEAN organized by ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) visited Subsidiary of Huawei Group in Manila and its Innovation and Experience Centre. The delegation interviewed Mr. Liu Gao, Vice CEO of the Subsidiary, and Mr. Liu Tao, Director of Public Relations.

Vice CEO Liu and Director Liu outlined the operations of the company. Huawei is a private company on information and communications technology. Since its inception in 1987, it has followed the market-oriented approach, given priority to cultivating professionals and investing heavily in the R&D sector. After three decades of rapid growth, the company has businesses in over 170 countries and regions and served one third of the global population. It has around 180,000 employees, gains RMB 520 billion annual gross income and ranks the top 100 for its assets in the world. The Subsidiary of Huawei in Manila, established in 2001, has over 400 employees, serves 70 million Philippine people and has created about 2,000 local jobs. The Subsidiary gained USD 857 million gross income in 2016. It bears in mind the actual needs of the Philippine customers, leverages its strength in advanced technology and upholds its path of innovation so as to help the Philippines to reach the goal of “Telecommunication for Everyone, Broadband for Everyone and the Philippines with Connectivity by Everyone”. The Subsidiary applies strategies of localized operations and sustainable development, actively engages in charity courses and fulfills corporate social responsibility. Its work across the board has achieved notable outcomes.

Chinese Media Delegation commended the practical cooperation Huawei conducted with ASEAN countries and the contributions Huawei made to Philippine socio-economic development. They raised questions about the company’s management concept, development process, future plan, future direction, professionals’ cultivation and its integration into local society. The atmosphere was warm.