Officials of Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta Met with Chinese Media Delegation

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 5 July 2017, during the third Chinese Media Reporting Trip to ASEAN organized by ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), Chinese Media Delegation met in Jakarta with Mrs. Sherly Yuliana, Head of Sub-Division of Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta, and other officials. Mr. Vithit Powattanasuk, Director of Information and Public Relations Division of ACC, attended the event.

Mrs. Sherly warmly welcomed Chinese Media Delegation on behalf of Department of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta and briefed on the development of local tourism resources and tourism industry. She stated that with the deepening of Indonesia-China relations, bilateral tourism cooperation is witnessing continuous expansion. Jakarta, with a long history and rich culture and tradition, is attracting an increasing number of international tourists, among whom, the number of Chinese tourists ranks the top one. Tourism cooperation has become a new bright spot of Indonesia-China practical cooperation. The department is planning to enhance the publicity in China’s market through exhibitions throughout China. She hoped that this reporting trip could increase the popularity of Jakarta and the department could conduct various forms of tourism cooperation with ACC in future.

Director Vithit appreciated the facilitation and assistance the department offered to the reporting trip. He said that all Chinese journalists in the delegation visit Indonesia for the first time. They have been impressed by the unique historical culture, magnificent landscapes and socio-economic achievements of Jakarta. ACC would continue to serve as a bridge and bond to push forward the deepening of tourism cooperation between Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, and China so as to bring benefits to both peoples.