The Delegation of Diplomatic Officials of ASEAN Countries in China Visited Shaoxing Historical and Cultural Scenic Spots

On 27 September, 2017, the delegation of “Diplomatic Officials of ASEAN Countries in China Embracing Zhejiang” visited Orchid Pavilion Scenic Spot and Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall in Shaoxing.

In Orchid Pavilion Scenic Spot, the delegation listened to the story about the great calligrapher Wang Xizhi, hailed as the Supreme Calligrapher, inviting his friends to a scholars’ gathering and writing down the masterpiece Preface to Orchid Pavilion Collection, and experienced the beauty of the classic garden surrounded by mountains, waters and bamboo forests. The delegation visited Calligraphy Museum and expressed their deep admiration to the extensive and profound calligraphic art of China.

The delegation carefully listened to the staff’s introduction to Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall and visited Zhou Enlai Memorial Museum to further learn about Zhou Enlai’s family background, growth and his great historical contributions to the establishment and development of the New China.

The delegation members expressed the views that Shaoxing, as a national historical and cultural city, boasts abundant cultural heritages and beautiful scenery. They will introduce it to more ASEAN friends and jointly promote the ASEAN-China cooperation in culture and tourism.