ACC Supported ASEAN-China Forum on Arts Cooperation and Development
Source: ASEAN-China Centre
Time: 2017-Dec-11 20:47

On 11 November 2017, the Forum on the Development of ASEAN-China Arts Cooperation and the 6th Annual Meeting of Arts Management Committee of All China Academic Society of Arts was held in Nanning. The forum was hosted by the Arts Management Committee of All China Academic Society of Arts and Guangxi Arts University (GXAU), supported by ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) and organized by the College of Humanities of GXAU, under the theme of Arts Management: Cross-boundary integration and innovative development. Mr. Chai Changzhuo, Party Secretary of GXAU, Mr. Peng Jixiang, Permanent Vice President of the society, Mr. Tian Chuanliu, Vice Chairman of Professional Committee of the society, Mr. Sun Jianhua, Deputy Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Division of ACC, the President of Musician Association of Viet Nam,and the President of Bandung National Arts Institute of Indonesia attended the opening ceremony and delivered remarks. Experts and scholars of 40 colleges and universities from both China and ASEAN countries, totalling about 160, were present at the event.

Party Secretary Cai Changzhuo said in his opening remarks that with the influence of China-ASEAN Arts Talent Training Centre endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education of China, GXAU has established cooperation relations with 46 colleges and universities of 15 countries and regions in the world. The ASEAN-China Music Week and the ASEAN-China Dance Forum and so on founded by GXAU have been developed into important regional bridges and platforms for cultural and arts exchanges. Against the background of the building of the Belt and Road, how to further promote China-ASEAN cultural and arts exchanges and cooperation, and to achieve the interdisciplinary, cross-industry, cross-area, trans-boundary arts integration and innovation is the question that needed urgent exploration and consideration. He hoped that the forum would bring about new achievements to further promote the development of arts management.

Deputy Director Sun Jianhua briefed in his remarks on the efforts of ACC in promoting ASEAN-China cultural exchanges and cooperation since its establishment, and the cultural and arts activities that ACC conducted jointly with GXAU. He said that the ASEAN-China Arts Colleges Alliance initiated by GXAU and ACC has been established in Nanning earlier this year. He hoped that related parties would fully utilize the platform to broaden the channel of exchange and enrich the connotation of cooperation. He wished that the forum would further enhance theoretical research and the construction of new type of think tank to provide new innovative solutions for ASEAN-China cultural and arts development.

At the forum, participants conducted in-depth discussion and research encompassing such as four topics, namely, Theoretical Construction and Innovative Solutions, Management of New Business Pattern and Reservation of National Cultural Heritage, Development of Arts Management and Talents Cultivation, and Arts Management under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Editor:Yang Yi
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