2017 ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp Grandly Opened
Source: ASEAN-China Centre
Time: 2017-Dec-22 22:17

On 22 December 2017, the 2017 ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp hosted by the ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) and organized by Jilin University was opened in Jilin University. More than 150 participants attended the opening ceremony including senior officials of the Ministry of Education of China, the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jilin Province and the Education Department of Jilin Province, the representatives of the Embassies of Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar and Viet Nam in China, and campers from China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Republic of Korea, as well as faculty members and students from Jilin University and other universities in Jilin province. H.E. Mme. Yang Xiuping, Secretary-General of ACC, Mr. Tao Hongjian, Deputy Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of Ministry of Education of China, Mr. Zheng Weitao, Vice President of Jilin University, Mr. Vongsine Sayyavong, First Secretary of Lao Embassy in Beijing and the camper representatives delivered remarks respectively.

Mr. Zheng Weitao briefed on the more than 70 years development history of Jilin University and its achievements of education exchanges with ASEAN countries. He said that Jilin University has established inter-university cooperative relations with the universities from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and many other countries, through which Jilin University conducted mutual visits of faculties, management members’ workshop, exchange of students, joint training and other projects. The University has carried out the college level exchanges and joint international seminars and other academic exchange activities under the cooperation with universities from the Philippines, Viet Nam and so on. The university is granted “China-ASEAN Education and Training Centre” in the second batch, and admitted around 70 students from ASEAN countries to come to study. Meanwhile, the University has cumulatively dispatched over 300 Chinese language volunteer teachers to Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Brunei and other ASEAN countries on the platform of Northeast China Base of International Chinese Language Education granted by Hanban of China, and Training and Education Base for International Chinese Language Teacher of Jilin University. He hoped that the Winter Camp would allow the campers know more about Jilin University, the history, cultures and landscapes of the North China. He looked forward to developing educational cooperation with more ASEAN countries in the future.

Mr. Tao Hongjian commended the fruitful achievements of ASEAN-China education exchanges and cooperation. He said that education is of vital importance to the promotion of people-to-people bonds and the consolidation of public opinion base of the cooperation between countries, which marks a dynamic component of ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership. He stressed that young students are the builders and promoters of the community of a shared future. Focusing on connectivity, broadening the channels of education cooperation, the Ministry of Education is aimed to support more flagship exchange programmes like the ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp in order to enable youth of ASEAN and China to have more contacts and communication, to cultivate more interdisciplinary professionals for countries and the regional economy and social development, and provide more development paths for the youth. He appreciated ACC and Jinlin University for building the said platform for young students exchanges. It is hoped that the students will deepen their understanding and cooperation in the activities and develop deeper friendship and become a goodwill envoy for the China’s harmonious interaction with ASEAN countries and even the Asian region.

On behalf of the ASEAN countries’ embassies, Mr. Vongsine Sayyavong commended the significance of the ASEAN-China Winter Camp and praised the ACC for its long-standing efforts to promote the development of ASEAN-China youth and educational undertakings. He hoped that young students would strengthen exchanges, learn from each other, improve their abilities and contribute more to the better future of ASEAN-China relations. The Lao Embassy will continue to support the work of ACC and join hands with all sectors to promote the development of ASEAN-China education cooperation.

Mr. Edward Lim Xun Qian, student representative from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, speaking on behalf of the ASEAN campers. He thanked ACC and Jilin University for providing young students a platform for learning and friendship, and giving ASEAN students the opportunity to experience the charm of ice and the North China. He hoped to gain more knowledge, forge a deep friendship and made contribution to the development of ASEAN-China relations. Ms. Zhang Ziman, student representative from Jilin University, shared on behalf of Chinese campers the studying experience at Jilin University and the expectation to participate in the winter camp. She said that she will cherish the experience of staying with the campers from ASEAN countries, Japan and Republic of Korea to have a precious memory.

In the opening ceremony, Mr. Zheng Weitao announced the opening of the 2017 ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp. Afterwards, he joined Secretary-General Yang Xiuping to present the flag of winter camp to the camper representatives and wished the winter camp a complete success.

The theme of the winter camp is "Charming Northern China, Experiencing Ice and Snow". The camp will be held in Changchun and Harbin, during which, 33 young students from China, ASEAN countries, Japan and Republic of Korea would take part in the ice and snow experience, academic exchanges, historical and cultural relics visits, cultural and sports interaction between teachers and students and other special activities.

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