ACC Secretary-General Exchanged Views with Leaders of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Harbin Municipality
Source: ASEAN-China Centre
Time: 2017-Dec-27 16:19

On 27 December 2017, H.E. Mme. Yang Xiuping, Secretary-General of ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), exchanged views with Mr. Cao Ru, Deputy Director-General of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Harbin Municipality (FOCAOHM). Ms. Chen Shi, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Foreign Language Publishing Administration and President of China Report, Mr. Dong Yan, Deputy Director of Project Planning Section of China Report, Mr. Gao Yueming, Director of Eurasian Section and Secretariat of FOCAOHM, Mr. Zhou Shengbin, Deputy Director of Eurasian Section, Mr. Yan Fei, Deputy Director of Secretariat, and Mr. Zhang Xuehai, Deputy Director of Information and Public Relations of ACC, attended the meeting.

Secretary-General Yang Xiuping briefed on the development of ASEAN-China Relations and the work of ACC, thanked FOCAOHM for its strong support and assistance to the relevant activities of 2017 ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp in Harbin. She stated that the ASEAN-China relations are moving from a period of growth to a period of maturity. The cooperation and exchanges in all areas are deepened, which provided a good opportunity for friendly communication and practical cooperation between the cities of ASEAN countries and China, such as Harbin. ACC will continue to strengthen communication with FOCAOHM, support and help Harbin to make use of its own strength, so as to find the convergence of cooperation with ASEAN countries, continuously expand mutual beneficial cooperation, and realize common development.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Chen Shi gave an overview of the China Foreign Language Publishing Administration and China Report. She said, China Foreign Language Publishing Administration is committed to reporting China and enhancing friendly communication between China and foreign countries, and has made great efforts in expanding people-to-people exchanges, strengthening mutual understanding of people, and deepening mutual beneficial cooperation, and achieved remarkable results. In order to promote ASEAN-China friendly exchanges and cooperation, China Report has launched “China Report ASEAN” that strives to build multimedia and multi-terminal China financial and information media platform covering all the ASEAN countries. She hoped to take the opportunity of reporting the ASEAN-China Youth Winter Camp to further strengthen the connection with FOCAOHM, to actively support and assist Harbin to raise its popularity in ASEAN countries and expand friendly exchanges and cooperation.

Deputy Director-General Cao Ru welcomed Secretary-General Yang Xiuping, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Chen Shi and other delegates to Harbin, and outlined the international exchanges between Harbin and ASEAN countries. He said that Harbin has been actively expanding international exchanges and cooperation in recent years, constantly deepening friendly communication and mutual beneficial cooperation with foreign countries through the platforms such as international economic and trade fair, ice and snow festival and beer festival, and so on Harbin regards ASEAN countries as the key development area, and expects to establish friendly relations with cities of ASEAN countries, to have more ASEAN countries to know about Harbin, and attract more enterprises and tourists of ASEAN countries to Harbin for investment and industry, as well as sightseeing tour. ACC and China Report have played unique roles in deepening the development of ASEAN-China relations and made great contributions. He expected to raise exchanges and cooperation between Harbin and ASEAN countries to a new level and create new prospects by means of platforms and resources provided by ACC and China Report

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