The“International Organization Personnel Training Camp” Delegation from Beijing Jiaotong University Visited ASEAN-China Centre
Source: ASEAN-China Centre
Time: 2018-Nov-22 16:01

On 22 November 2018, a 32 member delegation of “International Organization Personnel Training Camp” from Beijing Jiaotong University visited ASEAN-China Centre (ACC).

Ms. Zhou Hui, Deputy Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Division (ECTD) of ACC welcomed the delegates. She said that it meets the needs of the times to cultivate talents of global competence with international vision, extensive knowledge in international rules and the ability to participate in international affairs and international competition. She hoped that the delegates would have a better understanding about international organizations, actively cultivate innovative and cooperative spirit, and gradually become globally competent talents qualified for different job positions, so as to realize the value of life on the global stage. Ms. Guo Xiaoqing from General Affairs and Coordination Division (GACD), Ms. Li Yang from Information and Public Relations Division (IPRD), and Mr. Zhang Fengyu from ECTD briefed on the work of each division. The meeting was followed by animated exchange among the delegates and ACC officials on wide-ranging topics of interests including ACC’s management mechanism and personnel recruitment requirements, ASEAN-China economic and trade exchanges and people-to-people exchanges, competency of global talents and related capacity building, etc.

Mr. Liu Dongping, head of the delegation and Director of the Admission and Employment Office of Beijing Jiaotong University, said that the exchanges were quite constructive and important for the students’ future career development. He hoped to further strengthen cooperation with ACC in the future. During their visit, the delegates also toured around the exhibition hall of ACC and learned about the development of ACC.


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