ACC Secretary-General Attended the ASEAN 52nd Anniversary Symposium (2019-08-26)
Source: ASEAN-China Centre
Time: 2019-Sep-26 18:38


On 26 August 2019, the ASEAN 52nd Anniversary Symposium, co-hosted by ASEAN-Japan Centre (AJC) and the ASEAN Committee in Tokyo (ACT) and supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was held in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Aladdin D. Rillo, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN, Mr. Masataka Fujita, AJC Secretary-General, Mr. Chen Dehai, ACC Secretary-General, Mr. Lee Hyuk, ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) Secretary-General, diplomatic envoys from ASEAN Member States’ embassies in Japan, and representatives of local government agencies, business and media, altogether around 200 people, participated in this event.

Themed with “Active Aging in ASEAN”, Dr. Aladdin D. Rillo, Mr. Arifin Tasrif, Ambassador of Indonesia to Japan, Mr. Chen Dehai, Mr. Lee Hyuk, Mr. Masataka Fujita, Professor Keiichiro Oizumi from Asia University, and Mr. Eitaro Kojima, Director of Overseas Research Department of JETRO, delivered remarks respectively at the symposium. They said that Asia is the most dynamic region in the world, but the accelerating aging of its population has become increasingly prominent in recent years. How to actively cope with the issue is a common challenge facing all countries. It was hoped that governments, academia, media, non-governmental organizations and the private sector in the region would actively exchange experiences, and carry out practical cooperation to jointly tap the market potential of the elderly industry and minimize the negative impact of aging on society.

ACC Secretary-General Chen Dehai addressed the opening ceremony upon invitation. He congratulated ASEAN on its extraordinary achievements in the past 52 years and appreciated ASEAN's important role in promoting regional integration and maintaining regional peace and stability. He shared his perspective over the status quo and challenges of aging in Asia, gave a brief overview of the policies and measures adopted by China, the mandate of ACC, as well as the exchanges and cooperation among ACC, AJC and AKC, adding that ACC was willing to continue to maintain close contacts with all sides to jointly make exchanges and cooperation across the region more fruitful, promote sustainable development in Asia and benefit the people of the region.

Following the Symposium, Secretary-General Chen Dehai was invited to attend the 23rd ASEAN Study Group Meeting.

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