ACC Representatives Attended the RCEP Seminar Hosted by China Merchants Group

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 8 April 2021, the Seminar on Opportunities and Challenges of ASEAN-ChinaEconomic Development under RCEP,hosted by theChina Merchants Group (CMG), was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. More than 70 people,including former Chinese ambassadors to ASEAN MemberStates (AMS) and representatives of CMG, attended the seminar. Mr. Guo Chuanwei, Director of the Trade and Investment Division of the ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), attended the meeting and delivered remarks.

Mr. Li Yadong, Assistant President of CMG and Chairman of China Merchants Hoi Tung Trading Company, extended warm welcome to all the guests and briefed the meetingon the development and outcomes of CMG over the past century. He mentioned that CMG has been actively advancing the joint buildingof the Belt and Road Initiativeby extending global layout of ports, establishing networks of comprehensive logistics services and promoting the development mode of Port-Park-City (PPC). He also expressed hope that RCEP will boost high-quality operation,large-scale expansion and high-level cooperation in CMG’s overseas activities, achieving shared growth with Southeast Asian countries through discussion and collaboration .

On the basis of ASEAN-China relations and the signing of RCEP,Mr. Sun Guoxiang, Special Envoy for Asian Affairs of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with Mr. Wang Chungui, Mr. Hu Qianwen, Mr. Chai Xi and Mr. Guan Huabing, former Ambassadors of China to AMS, discussed the significance of RCEP and the opportunities and challenges it would bring for Chinese enterprises. They also offered CMG constructive suggestions on expanding its business inthe Southeast Asian markets.

Mr. Guo Chuanwei said that since the establishment of ASEAN-China dialoguerelations 30 years ago, practical cooperation in various fields between the two sides has achieved fruitful results, and there will be broader prospects for future cooperation. The signing of RCEP will usher in more market opportunities, better business environment and higher return on investment (ROI) for both ASEAN and Chinese enterprises, raising the bilateral economic and trade cooperation to a higher level. He also stressed that before the RCEP takes effect, companies can first make full use of the preferential policies of ASEAN-China Free Trade Zone and other bilateral free trade arrangements to increase the utilization ratio of current policies.

Mr. Liao Jianmin, Chairman of CMG, and Mr. Hu Jianhua, General Manager of CMG, met with former Ambassadors of China to AMS and representatives of ACC during their stay in Shenzhen, exchanging views on CMG’s market layout in SoutheastAsia and the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative. The guests also visited the CMGHistory Museum, Shekou Home Port and Mawan Smart Port, and had a deeper understanding of CMG’s history, current situation and future development.