ASEAN-China Centre Logo and Mascot Design Competition

This document describes the Official Rules of the ASEAN-China Centre Logo and Mascot Design competition. Information on how to submit an entry and the prizes is part of these Official Rules. In case of any inconsistency, this Official Rules will prevail.

About the ASEAN-China Centre

The ASEAN-China Centre, headquartered in Beijing, is an inter-governmental international organization established by ASEAN and China. The Centre website, also called the virtual centre was officially launched at the ASEAN-China Summit Meeting in October 2010, while the physical centre will be inaugurated in November 2011. It is a one-stop information and activities centre for the promotion of ASEAN-China cooperation in trade, investment, tourism, education and culture. The Centre undertakes to do the following activities:

    -- to serve as a central investment promotion unit creating sectoral linkages and facilitating business opportunities between ASEAN and Chinese ventures, especially assisting investors and companies seeking local business partners;

    -- to introduce and publicise products, industries and investment opportunities, tourism resources, culture and education of ASEAN and China to their companies, investors, and peoples by providing consultations, educational advisory services, as well as organising trade and investment exhibitions, tourism fairs, food festivals, art exhibitions and educational exhibition fairs, etc.;

-- to promote cultures and education by disseminating information on traditional arts, handicrafts, music, dance, drama, movies and languages of ASEAN and China and educational opportunities in ASEAN and China.

For more information about the ASEAN-China centre, please log on to the official website:

Design Guidelines

-- Logo: The design should be solemn, decent, concise, and easy to recognize. Flexibility is important, including the need to resize easily and to look presentable in black and white, color and colourless. The logo will be used in the letter, envelope, business card, invitation card, badge, file, folder, publication, building, direction sign and flag of the Centre and etc. Please note that the Centre flag should embody the logo of the Centre with single color as the background;
-- Mascot: the design should be cheerful, lively, and easy to recognize. It can be used on merchandise and at exhibitions.
All the designs should take full consideration of the status of the Centre - -an international organization, and avoid using any design or color that is taboo to any ASEAN Member States and China.
All submitted work must be original and should not infringe on the proprietary rights of any third party.


The competition is open to any interested individual, company or organization.

Winner Selection and Prizes

The ASEAN-China Centre will be responsible for selecting the final winner of the competition. The winning designer, after signing relevant agreement with the Centre, will receive:

1、A 50,000 RMB cash prize (pre-tax) each for the Logo and Mascot.
2、A certificate with the seal of the Centre and signature of the Secretary-General of the Centre.


1、All the entries should be submitted by email to The entries must be submitted in jpg, png or gif format together with the design explanations. The email should also include a filled-out Designer Information Form(download here).
2、The subject of the email should be "Logo/Mascot Design Competition".
3、The deadline for entries is 24:00 on July 15th , 2011, Beijing Time.


1、The winning entry will become the sole property of the ASEAN-China Centre after the Entrant agrees to transfer all right and title of the Entry to the ASEAN-China Centre in accordance with the Official Rules of this competition. The winning entry can not be used by the designer or any third party authorized by the designer afterwards.
2、The designer should bear all costs if his/her entry is found infringing the proprietary rights of any third party.   
3、Participation constitutes the Entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of this Official Rules. By participating in the competition, the Entrant is representing and warranting that he/she has read and understood, and agrees to be bound by, these rules.
4、The Centre is responsible for the interpretation of the competition rules.