来源:ASEAN-China Centre

        ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) is an inter-governmental organization co-founded by 10 ASEAN Member States (AMS) and China. ACC was officially launched at the Commemorative Summit marking the 20th anniversary of ASEAN-China dialogue relations on 18 November 2011. ACC Secretariat is located in Beijing. The current Secretary-General is H.E. Mr. Shi Zhongjun.

The establishment of ACC reflects the fruitful development of ASEAN-China relations and the strategic vision of the leaders of both sides. As a one-stop information and activities centre, ACC is committed to promoting friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between ASEAN and China in various fields including trade, investment, education, culture, tourism, and information and media.

Standing on a new starting point, ASEAN-China relations are embracing new opportunities and broad prospects. ACC will join hands with all parties to make greater contribution to the all-round and in-depth development of ASEAN-China strategic partnership.

ACC Secretariat consists of four divisions, including General Affairs and Coordination Division, Trade and Investment Division, Education, Culture and Tourism Division, and Information and Public Relations Division.

1. General Affairs and Coordination Division

Liaise with members of the Joint Council and Joint Executive Board of ACC, government agencies, organizations and institutions of AMS and China, liaise with international organizations including the ASEAN-Japan Centre and the ASEAN-Korea Centre;

Organize large-scale activities including receptions, symposiums, etc.;

Draft annual work programmes, budgets and annual reports;

Draft, supervise and implement the rules and regulations on ACC s work procedures, finance and staff;

Maintain ACC’s daily operation, and take care of administrative, human resource and financial affairs.

2. Trade and Investment Division

Host ASEAN-China cooperation forums to promote regional common development goals including innovation-driven development, digital economic transition, sustainable development and blue economy;

Host ASEAN-China trade and investment promotion seminars, and support activities including exhibitions, forums, seminars and workshops in local provinces and cities of China to promote ASEAN-China business environment;

Organize trade and investment promotion tours to AMS for Chinese enterprises to explore more business opportunities by conducting face-to-face exchanges with local governments and Chinese diplomatic missions in AMS, business matching and field visits to local industrial parks;

Invite economic and commercial officials of ASEAN diplomatic missions in China and ASEAN entrepreneurs to visit Chinese high-tech enterprises and industrial parks, support and participate in influential domestic and regional activities to promote ASEAN-China exchanges and cooperation in important industrial fields.

3. Education, Culture and Tourism Division

Host and support various activities to promote education cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between ASEAN and China, including but not limited to: building cooperation platforms, promoting two-way flow of students and scholars, strengthening comprehensive collaboration between education institutions at all levels, deepening youth and think tank exchanges, and enhancing language exchanges, etc.;

Host and support various cultural activities, building a platform for enhancing exchanges, mutual learning and practical cooperation between ASEAN and China in the field of culture, promoting intergrowth and co-prosperity among cultures of both sides;

Strengthen tourism exchanges and practical cooperation between ASEAN and China in the fields of market development and destination promotion through a series of flagship projects and activities, such as information sharing, capacity building, tour guide training, travel routes familiarization and product branding.

4. Information and Public Relations Division

Organize PR activities such as public lectures, exhibitions and interviews, presenting ASEAN-China relations and ACC to all walks of life from ASEAN and China and enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the two sides;

Liaise with media from both ASEAN and China, host and support international conferences, forums and capacity building activities related with information and media cooperation, promoting mutual visits and deepening exchanges and cooperation between ASEAN and Chinese media;

Maintain and operate ACC s website, Weibo and Wechat accounts, publish ASEAN & China in Figures and ACC Newsletter, providing information services for ASEAN-China cooperation.