Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang Attended 2013 China Market Western Development Forum

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 30 November 2013, 2013 China Market Western Development Forum was held in Deyang, Sichuan Province. Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang attended the forum and delivered keynote speech. 

The forum was co-organized by China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) and Deyang Municipal Government, aiming at using the platform of western market to promote transformation and upgrading of trade and business in western area of China.

 Chairman Zhang Zhigang of CGCC and the heads of China Federation of Logistic and Purchasing, China Food Association, China Furniture Association, China National Garment Association, Hardware Chamber of Commerce of All-China Federation of Industry and Business, Korean Business and Trade Association and Hong Kong SME Association attended the forum. More than 500 representatives of famous markets and business bases such as Yiwu and Shaoxing of Zhejiang Province, Linyi of Shandong Province, Shi Jiazhuang and Baigou of Hebei Province, Xinyang of Henan Province and Faku of Liaoning Province also attended the forum.

In his speech, Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang said that ASEAN is not only the priority of China's relations with neighboring countries, but also one of the priorities of China's foreign trade. ASEAN-China economic cooperation is at its best era. The integration of ASEAN economy is speeding up and a prosperous and united big market is taking shape. As the only inter-governmental organization between ASEAN and China and the core organization for promotion of trade and investment, ACC would like to bridge the markets and explore cooperation channel for both sides as well as to provide one-stop information and activity service in importing more ASEAN products and in helping Chinese products go globally.

Chairman Zhang Zhigang of CGCC pointed out that the construction of products trade market in China entered a new phase and showed new features: The regional layout of market is more appropriate and markets in middle and western China is promising; The type of modern circulation such as chain business and unified distribution is making progress; Electronic business develops in a healthy way thanks to the combination of circulation industry and information; New business type is built on real estate but should avoid repeated construction. Chairman Zhang also made analysis on the prospect and trend of the Chinese market.

Mr. Luo Yulong, Secretary-General of Market Committee of CGCC, said that the regional professional market in China grew rapidly. By 2012, annual trade volume of more than 5,000 markets have reached 100 million RMB and the total trade volume exceeded 9 trillion RMB. While stimulating domestic demand and expanding domestic market, China should cast its view globally, especially seeking markets in ASEAN. The Market Committee of CGCC owned authentic first-hand resources and statistics. He hoped this market forum could build consensus, bring market into full play and promote information and resource sharing between ASEAN and China. CGCC was willing to carry out more substantial cooperation with ACC and promote common prosperity and further development of ASEAN and China's markets.