A Working Group Meeting Held in the ASEAN-China Centre

source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 25 April 2014, a Working Group Meeting of ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) was held at the ACC headquarters. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the ASEAN Embassies in China attended the Meeting. 

Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang of ACC expressed welcome to the representatives and appreciation to the Chinese Government and the ASEAN Embassies in China for their active support to ACC. Secretary-General Ma spoke highly of the hard work done by the officials dispatched by the ASEAN Member States including Indonesia, Laos and Thailand, and expected the early assumption of post in ACC by Brunei official. He also requested for the continuous support of ACC Members in joint activities, inputs on project proposals, etc. 

Mr. Mouavixay Palee, Deputy Director of Trade and Investment Division, Mr. Tri Purnajaya, Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Division, and Ms. Lada Phumas, Director of Information and Public Relations Division briefed the Meeting on the work progress of ACC since the end of 2013, the upcoming events in 2014 and the preliminary working clue for 2015. They expected to carry out closer cooperation with related agencies of China and the ASEAN Embassies in China.

Representatives highly commended the work of ACC and committed to transmit the concerns of ACC to their capitals. Many representatives extended desire to carry out more joint activities with ACC in promoting two-way trade and investment, organizing ASEAN Nights, trainings and seminars, lecture series, exhibitions, etc.  

The Meeting concluded in concensus that more interactive meetings and communications should be held to share information and improve the work of ACC in the future.