ACC Organized Vocational Education Delegation of Laos to Visit Jiangsu Province

source:ASEAN-China Centre

From 29 October to 2 November 2014, organized by ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), the Lao vocational education delegation to visit Jiangsu Province. The 12-people delegation, which was led by Mr. Soulikhamkone Sisoulath, Director of Vocational Education Development Institute, comprised delegates from 5 technical and vocational colleges and 4 technical and vocational schools, as well as 2 officials from Technical and Vocational Education Department (TVED), Ministry of Education and Sports of Laos (MOES). This visit was a follow-up activity of the Chinese Vocational Colleges’ ASEAN Tour to Laos and the China-Laos Partnership Workshop on Vocational Education in May 2014. 

This visit aimed at implementing the MoUs between two sides in seeking more partners and in order to strengthen China-Laos functional cooperation and exchanges on vocational education. The delegation visited Jiangsu Institute of Commerce, Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology, Nanjing College of Chemical Technology and Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute, and participated in the Exchange Conference of Jiangsu-Laos TVET Cooperation. Mr. Wang Daoyu, Deputy Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Division of ACC, Ms. Huang Yingying, Education Assistant of ACC, and representatives from Yalong Educational Equipment Company accompanied the delegation.

In the morning of 30 October 2014, the Lao delegation visited Jiangsu Institute of Commerce (JIC), and was warmly greeted by Mr. Xue Maoyun, President of JIC and Mr. Shen Shijiang, Secretary of Commission of JIC. At the meeting, President Xue briefed the delegation on the history and development of the college, particularly in the field of international exchange and cooperation with vocational education colleges of Laos, its views and policy toward ASEAN, and expressed the desire to expand and deepen international cooperation. Deputy Director Wang Daoyu briefed the participants on ACC’s roles and efforts in promoting functional cooperation in the 5 areas, especially in education. The head of delegation appreciated ACC’s organization of the visit, and expressed the willingness to cooperate with Chinese vocational colleges. The delegation toured around the college’s history room, art college exhibition, school of tourism and foreign language, as well as information and technology training base.

In the afternoon of 30 October 2014, the delegation visited Nanjing Institute of Industry Technology (NIIT). Mr. Wu Xuemin, Chairman of College Council, Vice President of NIIT, as well as heads of International Department, Quality Control Department and International College met with the delegation, and briefed them about the college, its courses and achievements. The head of delegation introduced the development of vocational education in Laos, followed by brief introduction on their respective colleges or schools by the other delegates. During the discussion, both sides agreed to conduct teacher exchange programme, and to dispatch a team from China to Laos in early 2015. The delegation visited college history room, industry center, new energy and business affairs training room.

In the morning of 31 October 2014, the Lao delegation visited Nanjing College of Chemical Technology (NCCT), and was warmly greeted by Mr. Li Shishou, President of NCCT and Mr. Zhang Xiaojun, Vice President of NCCT. At the meeting, the two sides briefed on their respective colleges, and discussed possible areas of cooperation from teachers exchange for short-term training and instruction, to gradually expand the cooperation to students mobility, teaching and research sharing, etc. Afterwards, the delegation visited NCCT’s training bases, national skilled competition venue, electromechanical training room and mechanical engineering training building.

In the afternoon of 31 October 2014, the Lao delegation visited Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute (YPI), and attended the Exchange Conference of Jiangsu--Laos TVET Cooperation. Mr. Sun Xingze, President of YPI, Ms. Huang Hua, Vice president of YPI, warmly greeted the delegation. The delegation and the leaders of YPI had a fruitful discussion and learned from each others experiences. The delegation shared about the vocational education in Laos, and expressed its willingness to collaborate with Chinese vocational colleges. Both sides agreed on teachers exchange for short-term training, and signed 10 MoUs. The delegation also visited the training base of electrical engineering school.

In the following Exchange Conference of Jiangsu--Laos TVET Cooperation, Mr. Lin Yue, Director of International Cooperation Department of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, briefed the Delegation on education development in Jiangsu Province and wished to further its cooperation with ASEAN countries, and promised to coordinate the cooperation between colleges in Jiangsu Province and Laos. He hoped that more Lao students could study in Jiangsu Province, and the vocational education colleges in Jiangsu Province have agreed to provide scholarships for potential students from Laos.

At the end of Meeting, Deputy Director  Wang Daoyu on behalf of ACC, presented Certificate of Participation to Laos delegates, appreciating their participation in ACC’s activities, and ensured that ACC would continue to facilitate functional cooperation and exchanges in vocational education between China and ASEAN Member States.

Before visiting Jiangsu Province, the Lao delegation also visited 4 vocational education institutions in Zhejiang Province.

The visit was sponsored by Zhejiang Yalong Educational Equipment Jiont-Stock Co., Ltd. and supported by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and the relevant colleges.