Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang Met with President and Editor-inChief of CHINA REPORT Magazine

Source:ASEAN-China Centre

On 21 November 2014, ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) Secretary-General Ma Mingqiang met with Ms. Chen Shi, President and Editor-in-Chief of CHINA REPORT magazine, at ACC. Ms. Lada Phumas, Director of Information and Public Relations Division (IPRD) of ACC, and Mr. Dong Yan, Deputy Director of Mastermind Centre of CHINA REPORT magazine participated in the discussion.

Ms. Chen expressed her gratitude to ACC for its consistent support to the magazine, in particular ACC's contribution of its articles to the magazine's "ASEAN-China" column, which have received very good effects. She exposed that the magazine was planning to publish a special issue of CHINA REPORT focusing on ASEAN in the year 2015, taking into account that ASEAN was a significant partner of China and ASEAN's roles in China were becoming more important in the years to come. Ms. Chen, therefore, would like to hear views from Secretary-General Ma on this matter and looked forward to expanding the cooperation between the magazine and ACC.

Secretary-General Ma firstly introduced key cooperative consensus reached by the Leaders of China and ASEAN at the 17th ASEAN-China Summit on 13 November 2014 in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. The Chinese Premier proposed next year be designated as the year of China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation in support of the building of Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century. In the past years, ACC had charted its projects and activities to enhance ASEAN-China cooperation on trade, investment, education, tourism and culture, as well as raise public awareness on ASEAN-China relations. ACC was now exploring how to further implement the outcome of the recent ASEAN-China Summit and how to promote China-ASEAN maritime cooperation under ACC's mandates and purview. 

Secretary-General Ma mentioned that the idea of having a special issue focusing on ASEAN by the magazine was timely and was one among interesting projects which could meet the increasing demand of multi-faceted cooperation between China and ASEAN. He suggested that the new journal should not only stand on accurate root which could help transcribe the policies and consensus in relation to ASEAN-China relations, but also contain a large amount of practical information which the general public could benefit from China-ASEAN cooperation. Director Lada suggested that the special issue should avoid duplication but rather add value to those existing publications in the market, and should also take into consideration of different targets of readers to ensure a wider dissemination of useful information on ASEAN-China relations.

CHINA REPORT magazine was initially released in the year 2000. Up to the present, the magazine has increased its circulation to 30,000 copies per issue. Its distribution range widely covers the Chinese government, major enterprises, academic institutions, and foreign embassies and consulates in China. It is also usually distributed as a reference material for major events taking place in China such as CAEXPO and APEC. ACC has actively cooperated with the magazine since April 2014 to effectively promote ASEAN-China friendship and cooperation.