ACC Organised a Trade and Investment Promotion Mission to Singapore(2019-07-29)

source:Source: ASEAN-China Centre

From 28 to 29 July 2019, ASEAN-China Centre(ACC)organised a trade and investment promotion mission to Singapore. The mission was led by Mr. Guo Chuanwei, Director of Trade and Investment Division (TID) of ACC, and joined by about 20 Chinese entrepreneurs from Beijing and Guangdong Province.

On 28 July, the group was received by Mme. Zhong Manying, Economic and Commercial Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore. Director Guo Chuanwei gave a brief description of the 2019 ASEAN-China Intelligent Industry Conference recently held by ACC in Viet Nam as well as the purpose of the mission to Singapore, hoping that the Embassy could provide guidance for Chinese entrepreneurs to engage in trade and investment in Singapore. Minister Counsellor Zhong Manying said that Singapore, as an important trade, financial and shipping centre in Asia-Pacific, as well as a regional infrastructure construction, science and technology innovation centre, plays an important role in regional affairs. She hoped that the Chinese entrepreneurs could better understand and make good use of Singapore’s favourable business environment and investment policies in order to further expand the Southeast Asian market. She also suggested the Chinese entrepreneurs to actively engage with different social sectors of Singapore, collect information with an open mind, and draw strength from the development concept and thoughtfully-designed market operation system of this country.

On 29 July, the group visited the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Manufacturing Federation, Business China, AMER International Group, and paid a visit to Mr. Chan Soo Sen, former State Minister of Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Chinese entrepreneurs gave a brief description of the current situation of their enterprises and future development plans in Singapore and other ASEAN countries. They were also briefed on the economic development and business environment of Singapore, and reached preliminary cooperation consensus with the Singaporean side during their discussion concerning the trade and investment issues.

The Chinese entrepreneurs spoke highly of Singapore in terms of its unique location and economic advantages in Southeast Asia, its role as a information and resource platform and its high level of development in financial system, legal arbitration, talent pool and other aspects. They expressed hope to better utilise these platforms and advantages to carry out more in-depth and extensive cooperation in Singapore and other Southeast Asia countries.