"The Story of Time -- 24 Solar Terms" Winter Solstice Cultural Experience Activity Successfully Held

source:ASEAN-China Centre
On 21 December 2020, co-hosted by ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) and Central Academy of Fine Arts of China (CAFA), "The Story of Time--24 Solar Terms" Winter Solstice Cultural Experience Activity was successfully held in Beijing. Mr. Chen Dehai, Secretary-General of ACC, Mrs. Khamphao Ernthavanh, Ambassador of Lao PDR to China, Mrs. Sih Elsiwi Handayani Oratmangun, Spouse of the Indonesian Ambassador to China, Mr. Sanmugan Subramaniam, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Malaysia in China, Mr. Lyu Pinjing, Vice President of CAFA, diplomats from 10 embassies of ASEAN Member States (AMS), representatives from relevant administrations in Beijing, artists from CAFA and media attended the event.
Lyu Pinjing said that CAFA has been annually running various activities on the 24 Solar Terms since 2018. Each activity would focus on one particular solar term. The winter solstice cultural experience activity this year is by far the largest one in scale. It is hoped that through this artistic event, a platform of coordination and innovation could be built, which could deepening people’s understanding of the Chinese culture and serve as a bridge of friendship between ASEAN and China for people-to-people exchanges  and cooperation.
Khamphao Ernthavanh stated in her remarks that Lao PDR and other AMS share similar cultural customs with China, which proves that the connection between ASEAN and China goes far back in history.  ASEAN and China have maintained sound cooperation in various fields including people-to-people exchanges, which contributes greatly to promoting the development of ASEAN-China relationship. It’s believed that this event will further enhance the friendly exchanges between the two sides.
Chen Dehai highlighted in his speech that the people of ASEAN and China have created colorful and splendid civilizations with unique multi-cultural features. As a special bond of friendly exchanges and an important platform for practical cooperation between ASEAN and China, ACC will join hands with all parties, serve as a bridge for promoting people-to-people exchangesand make greater contributions to building a closer ASEAN-China strategic partnership. 

Colorful programmes were prepared for the Winter Solstice Cultural Experience Activity, such as the Peking Opera "the Drunken Beauty" and performances of Guqin, Xiao and Tai Chi. The guests also enjoyed the art exhibition of “The Story of Time: 24 Solar Terms”, tasted Winter Solstice food and joined with the artists from CAFA for on-site painting. In a delightful atmosphere, the guests experienced the unique charm of Chinese culture and looked into the bright prospects for ASEAN-China friendship.

"24 Solar Terms" was officially inscribedon UNESCO's Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2016. The Winter Solstice Cultural Experience Activity uses innovated and diverse forms of artistic expression to conveythe cosmological and philosophical views of Chinese people’s reverence to the nature and conformity to the laws of nature.It aimed at deepening people-to-people exchanges and practical cooperation between the two sides by inviting AMS envoys to China to experience Chinese culture up close.