ACC Secretary-General Chen Dehai Attended the First RCEP (Shandong) Import Expo

source:ASEAN-China Centre


On 20 October 2021, the First RCEP (Shandong) Import Expo was launched in Linyi City, Shandong Province. The Expo was co-hosted by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, the Foreign Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government and the Linyi Municipal People's Government.

Mr. Ji Binchang, Deputy Governor of Shandong Province attended the Expo and declared its opening. Guests including Mr. Cai Xianjin, Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government, Mr. Zhang Deping, Director-General of Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, Mr. Wang Ande, Secretary of the CPC Linyi Municipal Committee, Mr. Chen Dehai, Secretary-General of the ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), Ms. Nabhasporn Bhuttarichval, Consulate-General of Thailand in Qingdao and Mr. Igawahara Masaru, Consulate-General of Japan in Qingdao attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Nearly 300 representatives from diplomatic missions, chambers and associations of commerce, and economic and trade organisations of RCEP member states in China participated in the Expo and live-streaming of the ceremony boasted over 20,000 watchers.

Mr. Wang Ande said the Expo is both a creative practice of President Xi Jinping’s remarks on fostering a new development pattern and a concrete move to implement RCEP. Entering the new development stage, Linyi City will carry out the new development philosophy to accelerate the strategic transformation, and expects entrepreneurs to set up businesses and projects in Linyi for shared opportunities and win-win prospects.

Mr. Chen Dehai pointed out that the ASEAN member states (AMS) are China’s close neighbours and significant partners. The two sides jointly facilitated the signing of the RCEP agreement, and are committed to promoting connectivity, digital economy, green and low-carbon cooperation, and long-term prosperity and sustainable development of regional economy. ACC will continue to play a bridging role and strive to strengthen the cooperation between AMS and Shandong Province including Linyi City and deepen the ASEAN-China strategic partnership.

In their speeches, representatives from other RCEP member states expressed their expectation of early entry into force and fulfillment of RCEP to boost common regional prosperity, and of further deepening practical cooperation with China, particularly with Shandong Province in various fields.

The First RCEP (Shandong) Cooperation Summit Forum was held after the opening ceremony. Representatives from the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters, and Kuaishou Technology made presentations and exchanged with each other.

The Expo is the first of its kind that Shandong province holds to focus on importation from RCEP member states, with the total area reaching 25,300 square meters. With the theme of “new dynamic, new platform, new trade and new opportunities”, it consists of opening ceremony, summit forum, international cooperation and exchange meetings, shopping festival for imported goods, the Friendly Shandong flash mob and other activities. Many well-known enterprises attended the Expo, including Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Woolworths Ltd., Samanea from Singapore, China-ASEAN Information Habor and Kuaishou Technology.

On the same day, Mr. Chen Dehai toured the exhibition with Chinese and foreign guests and attended the 2021 RCEP (Shandong) International Cooperation and Exchange Meeting.

  (Source: Linyi Daily Convergence Media )