The ACC Co-hosts 2023 ASEAN-China Media Cooperation Forum

Source:ASEAN-China Centre Convert Chinese

The 2023 ASEAN-China Media Cooperation Forum was held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, on 12 June 2023. The Forum was advised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, co-hosted by the ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), China International Communications Group (CICG) and Zhejiang Provincial Government, under the theme of Better Connectivity and Cooperation towards Common Prosperity. H.E. Secretary General Shi Zhongjun of the ACC attended the Forum and addressed the opening ceremony. A total of 150 attendees including President Du Zhanyuan of CICG, H.E. Ambassador U Tin Maung Swe of Myanmar to China, H.E. Deputy Secretary-General Ekkaphab Phanthavong of ASEAN Secretariat, diplomatic envoys from the Embassies of ASEAN Member States (AMS) in China, representatives of governments, media and think tanks from AMS and China were also present.

Secretary General Shi Zhongjun stated that the ever-closer ASEAN-China ties have set a fine example of common development and international collaboration. ASEAN and Chinese media have worked closely to increase coverage on each other’s issues and bilateral relations, made a clear voice on ASEAN-China joint endeavour for peace and development, and contributed positively to the growth of ASEAN-China relations. The ACC will continue to work with all partners to further promote media cooperation between the two sides.

President Du Zhanyuan stressed the importance of media from both sides adhering to the concepts of development, peace and cooperation, focusing on sustainable development cooperation, enhancing report content docking and trade facilitation, and enriching the mechanism of people-to-people exchanges. 

Ambassador U Tin Maung Swe pointed out that media cooperation plays a significant role in promoting ASEAN-China relations and enhancing mutual learning among civilizations. He hoped that the AMS media will tell more wonderful stories about win-win cooperation between ASEAN and China, and further expand media cooperation in the future.

Deputy Secretary General Ekkaphab Phanthavong said that China has always been a key supporter of ASEAN in promoting greater connectivity. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has served as key channel facilitating flow of investment from China to ASEAN. ASEAN and China could better leverage digital connectivity to promote people-to-people exchanges, information accessibility, and awareness of social benefits brought forth by ASEAN-China cooperation. 

During the Forum, Secretary General Shi Zhongjun and ASEAN and Chinese dignitaries jointly inaugurated and toured the "When Wenzhou meets ASEAN" photo exhibition, co-sponsored by the ACC and CICG. 

In the keynote speech session, Director Luis Morente of the Philippine News and Information Bureau, Associate Editor Han Yong Hong of Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore), Director Christine Susanna Tjhin of Strategic Research of Gentala Institute (Indonesia), together with representatives of Xinhua News Agency, CMG, and Center for International Security and Strategy, Tsinghua University, spoke under the theme of the Forum and put forward suggestions on future media cooperation between ASEAN and China.

During the themed discussions, nearly 20 media representatives from AMS and China including Editor-in-Chief of Jakarta Post (Indonesia), Editor-in-Chief of Vientiane Times (Lao PDR), Chief Business Officer of The Star Media Group (Malaysia), and those from BTV News (Cambodia), Kompas (Indonesia), Radio Television Malaysia, Ministry of Information of Myanmar, Manila Times, as well as Xinhua Net, Economic Daily, China Daily, China News Service, Science and Technology Daily, Farmers’ Daily, English Edition of Global Times shared their views centering on two topics: "Upgrading Connectivity through High-quality Communication" and "Better Business Cooperation through Digitalization”.  

On the sidelines of the Forum, Party Secretary Liu Xiaotao of Wenzhou met with the foreign participants. Secretary General Shi Zhongjun and other guests also attended ASEAN-Wenzhou Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Conference.

Since its establishment in 2018, the ASEAN-China Media Cooperation Forum has become flagship mechanism of exchanges between AMS and Chinese news media, and been well received by the general public of both sides.